Bun Rings

I bet right now you’re like, “what the heck are bun rings?!” Well, these are all you need to keep your bread buns the perfect shape for some delicious burgers! how-to-brioche-burger-buns-26

Like my brioche recipe which will be up tomorrow!

Take a piece of kitchen foil about 6 inches wide, fold it in half, in half again, and in half again until you have a thin strip which is around 2/3 of an inch.

Take a second piece of foil, again around 6 inches wide and fold in half. At one end fold and crease then tear off this piece.

Carefully run the foil between your fingers to give it a curved shape – be careful not to slice your finger, the edge of the foil will be sharp.

Put both ends of the foil together and carefully wrap the smaller strip of foil around the ends and press together until it is secure.


Wrap around a cookie cutter the size that you would like your bun to check they are the right size.


Place them on a tray ready for your dough!


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