Our wedding!

You may have noticed that things on the blog have been some what sparce of late, and for that I do apologise!

I do have a great excuse though, in the fact that I was busy planning our wedding!

So, after a 2 year engagement we finally got to tie the knot. We took a very hands on approach to our wedding, which means that of course I made my own cake…or cakes I should say. The  centre piece was a stacked, 8 Inch tall chocolate Guinness cake, with a vanilla cake on the top, finished off with a hand made (not by me!) arrow cake topper in our wedding colours, with the wedding date engraved in the heart. Along with a gluten-free carrot cake,  3 trays of chocolate brownies, 50 lemon cupcakes. In the back was a hand painted cake which unfortunately no one could eat as it was a fake cake. Thankfully no one attempted to eat it!

I will write another post with some more of the little details when we get the pictures, for now I will just leave you with one of my favourite shots from the day.

R x


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