Game of Thrones Cake

Durrrr d duur durrrr durrrr dur dur durrrrrrrr, Yes your'e absolutely right, that was the Game of Thrones theme tune! I was super happy with how this cake turned out, you may have seen my recent tutorial on how to make this exact cake topper (take a look here!) The most challenging part of this … Continue reading Game of Thrones Cake


Super Cake!

I made a cake extremely similar to this last year and I very recently had the opportunity to make it again. The cake included some of the most popular super heroes, Captain America, Superman, Spiderman and Batman. I think these are my favourite two sections- A Batrang with the Gotham skyline (complete with Wayne tower) … Continue reading Super Cake!

Decorating your sugar cookies- Brush Embiodery

  This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to decorate your cookies! All you need are a few bits of equipment.      - Pre-baked and cooled cookies - You need some flower cutters in a range of sizes - I chose 5 leave rose cutters as the are a really simple … Continue reading Decorating your sugar cookies- Brush Embiodery