Marvellous Mummies and Ghoulish ghosts

I thought I would put the tutorial for these cute little cookies together as they are so similar!

Roll out your sugar paste, cut out using the same cutter as your cookies.


Fix your cookie to the top of your cookie using a watered down royal icing.


Using a bone tool make some marks in the top of the cookie to look like bandages.P1020467P1020468

Using black dust  and a dry paint brush, gently brush in the line you have made on the top of the cookie.

To make your mummy look old, brush a mixture of green and yellow dust over some – not all – of the cookie.


Using small balls of black sugar paste give  your mummies eyes and mouths, fix these on with a drop of water.


Now for the ghosts…

To make your ghoulish ghosts start by rolling out your white sugar paste


Lightly press your cutter onto the sugar paste. Gently rub out the line in-between the legs of your gingerbread man.

P1020456 P1020457P1020458

With a knife cut out your little ghost along the outline of the man – where you rubbed out the line cut a wiggly line.


Using a bone tool smooth down any rough edges then put some lines into the bottom of your ghost.

P1020462 P1020463 P1020464

Fix the icing to the top of your cookie using royal icing. Add a face to your ghost by using a little bit of black sugar paste and fixing it down with a few drops of water.


If you have any questions feel free to add them in the comments below – or share some of your creations with me!

Happy decorating! 🙂


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