Game of Thrones Cake

Durrrr d duur durrrr durrrr dur dur durrrrrrrr, Yes your'e absolutely right, that was the Game of Thrones theme tune! I was super happy with how this cake turned out, you may have seen my recent tutorial on how to make this exact cake topper (take a look here!) The most challenging part of this … Continue reading Game of Thrones Cake


Super Cake!

I made a cake extremely similar to this last year and I very recently had the opportunity to make it again. The cake included some of the most popular super heroes, Captain America, Superman, Spiderman and Batman. I think these are my favourite two sections- A Batrang with the Gotham skyline (complete with Wayne tower) … Continue reading Super Cake!

Marvellous Mummies and Ghoulish ghosts

I thought I would put the tutorial for these cute little cookies together as they are so similar! Roll out your sugar paste, cut out using the same cutter as your cookies. Fix your cookie to the top of your cookie using a watered down royal icing. Using a bone tool make some marks in … Continue reading Marvellous Mummies and Ghoulish ghosts

Decorating your sugar cookies- Brush Embiodery

  This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to decorate your cookies! All you need are a few bits of equipment.      - Pre-baked and cooled cookies - You need some flower cutters in a range of sizes - I chose 5 leave rose cutters as the are a really simple … Continue reading Decorating your sugar cookies- Brush Embiodery