Salted Caramel

This is one of my favourite home made ingredients. You can put it in so many different things or just enjoy it straight from the jar (or pan) with a spoon if you wanted to.

This salted caramel is amazing poured on the top of brownies just before they go in the oven, drizzled between layers on a cake (like this) or swirled on the top of ice cream. salted-caramel-13

It is so simple and easy to make and it only has 4 ingredients. Lets get started.


  • 200g Caster sugar
  • 90g unsalted butter
  • 120ml Double cream
  • 1tsp sea salt – you may want to add more/less depending on your taste.

In a medium sized pan add your sugar and have the hob set to a medium heat. Now contrary to every other caramel/toffee recipe ever, stir your sugar. You will have some large crystallised bits but these soon melt. Be careful, this will be extremely hot.

Turn off the heat and add your butter, this will bubble up at first so don’t worry, just keep stirring until it had been combined with the melted sugar.

Finally add the salt and give it a good mix. Pour your caramel into a sterilised glass jar with a lid and leave to cool. Once your caramel is cool it will be thick and delicious and can last up to 2 weeks in your jar, if you don’t use it all in one go that is!


Look how it glistens! Happy Baking, R x


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