Overload cake

One of the biggest cake trends of this year has been overload cakes. I call them this as I am not entirely sure of what other people are calling them… It kind of makes sense to name them this, as they are quite literally overloaded with delicious treats on the top of a super tasty cake.

This one was great fun to make and was my first – of many I hope!

I first off baked an amazing carrot cake (recipe coming soon!) then, filled and topped it with a scummy Madagascan vanilla bean buttercream. Whilst the crumb coat was chilling in the fridge I set about creating my toppings.

I melted around 75g of white chocolate over a pan of simmering water. I then added another 75g when I had brought it off the heat, this allowed the chocolate to cool down before pouring onto a baking sheet lined with acetate (the plastic ‘paper’ used for over head projectors), by bringing the temperature of the chocolate down  this allowed for a very slight tempering of the chocolate – I couldn’t do this properly as I don’t have an accurate thermometer- but still led to a nice glossy finish to my chocolate.

As I wanted to jazz up my chocolate a little I coloured a very small amount with ruby food colouring, and swirled this through on the baking sheet. I then finished off by sprinkling hearts and a range of gold and white sugar pearls into the top. This promptly went into the freezer to harden before slicing into great big shards to go on the top of the cake.

To stick with the theme, I made some pink and white meringue kisses (Recipe here!) Finally I scattered some walnuts, strawberries and more golden sugar pearls.




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