Challenge one- find basic ingredients.

My knowledge of the German language is rusty and impartial to say the least, so my first trip to the local supermarket was interesting. 

 I did thankfully look up certain items on my list so that I knew what I was looking for –
Flour – Mehl
Sugar – Zucker
Butter – Butter
Eggs- Eier
I have to be honest and say I had remembered some of these words from GCSE German lessons 14 years ago (its impressive they stayed in my head!) but it is always better to be sure you’re buying the right thing!
Who knew there were so many types of flour?!
 Things I noticed when searching for ingredients:
  •  ‘Self-raising flour’ does not exist over here, thankfully I had thought ahead and bought new supplies of baking powder and Bi-carbonate of soda to make my own. 
  • On the topic of flour – what is wrong with calling it ‘plain’ or ‘bread’ flour. I took a lucky gamble with flour type 405 and googled it when I got home. 
  • I wish I had brought stashes of Billingtons golden caster sugar – I will keep searching for something similar.
  • Out of principle, I always aim to get free range eggs – these are not free range I need to keep an eye out for ‘Freilandeier’.

Now to find some sugar paste….  


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