Dainty flower cookies

These, much like the brush embroidery cookies, are super easy to decorate! You only need a couple of tools to make these. 

  •  A non-stick board
  • Cornflour for dusting 
  • Cutter the same shape and size of your cookie
  • 2 5-Petal rose cutters – I used the smallest 2 
  • A ball tool
  • A foam mat
  • A bone tool or similar to manipulate the petals
  • Flower formers or a small cup with cling film
  • Modelling paste or sugarpaste mixed with Tylo powder
  • Sugar paste in a colour of your choice
  • Small sugar pearls for the centre. 
  • Small paintbrush and cup of water.

If you don’t have modelling paste, mix a 1/2 tsp of Tylo powder to 200g of sugar paste and leave for a couple of hours. This will make your paste more stable meaning you can roll this much thinner 

First cover your cookies with your coloured sugar paste using the same size cutter as your cookies


Set these to one side to dry whilst you make your flowers 
Roll out your modelling paste until it is very thin. Using the larger of the 2 rose cutters, press firmly to cut out the flower.
Place this  onto your foam pad, using your ball tool carefully thin out each petal. Start in the centre then run your tool over the edge of each petal. 


 When you have finished it should look like this…. 

Place it inside the flower former or your mug covered with cling film. Gently, using the bone tool move the petals, flicking and bending some of the petals to make it look a little more like a natural flower.    

Repeat the process with the smaller rose cutter. Add a drop of water to the inside of the first flower. Place the smaller flower on the top overlapping the petals of the first flower. 


 With a paintbrush, add a drop more water to the centre of your flower and carefully place 6/7 small pearls in the centre of each flower.

Leave the flowers to dry a little before placing them onto the cookies fixing with a small dot of royal icing, water or edible glue- Do not worry if the petals fall onto the cookie this leaves for a nice effect! 

Please leave a comment if you want to ask any questions regarding this tutorial! 

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