Easy Pumpkin Puree

pumpkin pureeNow when I say this is really easy I REALLY mean it.

The hardest part is choosing your pumpkin variety, peeling then chopping it.

It is velvety and smooth – perfect for turning into pumpkin spiced doughtnut holes, pumpkin cheesecake or anything else pumpkin related!


I chose a butternut squash as my pumpkin variety – now this is totally personal preference the only pumpkins I recommend you don’t use are the big ones for carving as they are really stringy. I like butternut squash because it has a really lovely smooth texture. IMG_8337 IMG_8338





I found cutting the squash in half and using my knife to cut off the thick skin the easiest way to peel it.

IMG_8339 IMG_8341


With a spoon scoop out the seeds – you can keep these and toast them for a lovely healthy snack if you wish too!IMG_8342 IMG_8348


Cut the squash into chunks and boil for about 20 minutes or until nice and soft. IMG_8349 IMG_8351

Drain and pour into either a food processor, stand mixer with a whisk attachment or if you’re in the mood for an arm work out, whisk this up with a hand whisk until lovely and smooth.


Now it is ready to be added to a whole range of tasty treats!


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