Cake Ruffles

You may have seen my recent post on this lovely cake-

When I was first asked to do this I was super excited to give it a go as I think it looks just lovely, now online there are many different techniques which can be used to create a ruffled look- most are full circles or use a blossom cutter.

I wanted my ruffles to look as delicate as possible so I opted for the blossom cutter method.

I used icing which had been mixed with some Tylose, this allowed the icing to be rolled thinner to give a more delicate effect to my flowers.

Take your flower in your fingers and gently fold it inwards, curling it to a point where you have as many of the petals showing upwards as possible.

Using water, wet your pre-covered cake. Take a small ball tool and gently press your ruffle into the cake, then adjust the petals until you are happy with them. Once you have done one layer it is time ot go onto the next!

I did two layers of the darkest pink. Add some white to your remaining pink paste, this makes it lighter without having to add anymore colouring.

Continue this process right up to the top of the cake. My final layer was almost completely white.

To get the top ruffles, I place the flower next to the cake and gently pushed with the ball tool until I felt the flower was secure, I then readjusted the petals to fill any gaps.

flower-ruffle-14 The finished effect looks great! However it takes a long, long time to finish- 3 hours for an 8″ cake!


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