Super Simple Sugar Cookies!

These have to be the most simple and tasty cookies I have ever baked!  The first batch I made didn't make it to be decorated as me and Kyle ate the lot.. Whoops! Thankfully, this dough mixture make loads of cookies, so far I have made about 40 smallish cookies.  Once again I turned to … Continue reading Super Simple Sugar Cookies!


Ba-nana-nana- banana loaf!

  Since moving I have been wanting to sort myself out and ear a bit more fruit and veg... I started out well and then soon found myself avoiding my fruit bowl. Look at how sad they look! Not wanting to waste food, I decided the best way forward was to turn them into a … Continue reading Ba-nana-nana- banana loaf!

Brownies- gooey, yummy, deliciousness!

I just love baking brownies. They are so simple, quick and absolutely delicious!   My favourite recipe comes from 'The Hummingbird Bakery' an american inspired bakery in London. This is on my to visit hit-list every time I am there. Their brownie recipe is my absolute favourite and is always a sure-fire success!    The trick … Continue reading Brownies- gooey, yummy, deliciousness!

Challenge one- find basic ingredients.

My knowledge of the German language is rusty and impartial to say the least, so my first trip to the local supermarket was interesting.   I did thankfully look up certain items on my list so that I knew what I was looking for - Flour - Mehl Sugar - Zucker Butter - Butter Eggs- Eier   … Continue reading Challenge one- find basic ingredients.